Denholm Fishselling Ltd Recommend Keltruck

Leading fish selling service provider, Denholm Fishselling Ltd were recently supplied with high quality recycled parts from

As purchasing recycled Scania parts from the internet is still a relatively new experience for most, we asked Dunholm Fishselling Ltd’s, Transport Manager, Neil Trotter how his experience with was, 

"Highly recommend this company, great communication and very quick to deliver. Product purchased of good quality at a very competitive price. Will be on my list of suppliers from now on."

Denholm Fishselling looks after the interests of 70 boats in Scotland and Northern Ireland and on their behalf markets over £30 million of pelagic fish, whitefish and shellfish.

This company derives its name from the original business that was formed in Greenock by James and John Denholm in 1866 and still owned by the Denholm family today and operate in the Shipping, Logistics, Seafoods and Oilfield Services sectors with an annual turnover of £300m, employ over 3,000 people and have net assets of £100m.


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